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Chapter 17 Danger
Chapter 17
Morning light glared in through the window on a new day, and Lilli sighed as she turned her head side to side and gazed at her reflection.  Her once long, curly hair, which she always treasured as the pride of her body, was now reduced to a short bob of curls.
“Is everything okay, Lilli?”  She turned her head to give a droopy-eyed look to Ethan.  The human boy stood on the other side of his bed, his hands buttoning his red-and-black flannel shirt together.
“I know this is going to sound silly, but I feel so different without my hair,” she replied, “I mean, I understand that I should be grateful that we even survived the night, and that me losing my hair was nowhere near the worst thing that happened.  But I feel like I lost a part of who I am…”
Ethan bent down to his knees and folded his arms across the comforter.  “You went through a lot of pain that nig
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Lilli of the Forest: Chapter 16
Chapter 16

As Ethan blinked his eyes awake, pale blue light illuminated the room, the usual sight he saw when getting up for school.   Just as he was about to sit up, a ting of caution warned him otherwise.  He turned his head to remember why; Lilli lay curled just beside his head still deep in sleep.  With great care, he cupped his hand around the tiny girl to shield her from movement as he carefully rose up and out of bed.  Lilli did not make a sound, thankfully.  He crept over to his closet and pulled out the one suit he owned.
Today marked the anniversary of the one day of the year he needed to wear such an outfit.
He slipped the blue oxford collar shirt on before buttoning up the black blazer along with the matching pants.  Once he knotted the black tie around his neck, he felt the same weight of the formal attire as he did the first time he put it on years ago.  He inhaled through his nose to calm the pain of his heart thumping against his ribs.
"..than?"  A ti
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Lilli of the Forest: Chapter 15
Chapter 15

Within the shroud of cobalt midnight a single beacon gleamed, its light formed a bubble around a crouched figure.  With his shoulders wrapped in a quilt, Ethan huddled inside the shining shield and drew his book closer.  But his mind absorbed none of the words that his eyes scanned.  Every bit of focus drew to the echoes of crickets chirping and frogs croaking and cars revving down the street and leaves rustling in the wind.  Among all of these noises he perked his ears in hopes that even the faintest high-pitched note from the whistle would ripple across the stars.  But no such sound rang, and he tossed the book aside with a sigh, abandoning any hopes of being a productive student.
Ethan recalled what he told Lilli about the whistle, how it should only be used in case of emergencies and it would drive away danger.  Although he sincerely meant this warning, he hoped that she would never have to use it.  Lilli would only be in
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Lilli Mock-Up Cover by xFlySkyHighx Lilli Mock-Up Cover :iconxflyskyhighx:xFlySkyHighx 21 4
Gale Force
Cotton-candy pink clouds floated in the blue morning sky while the sleepy neighborhoods below lay covered in a blanket of mist.  A single black shadow rushed through the haze.  The figure maintained a steady pace as it traversed down sidewalks and rounded corners free from sluggish pedestrians.  The sun finally peeked over the distant mountaintops just as the figure rounded its last turn.  When it finally slowed to a halt, its route brought to an arching gateway entrance.  The black, iron letters gleamed in the morning light, making their message clear: Welcome to St. Elizabeth Girl’s Academy.
As the sun’s rays intensified, the mist cleared away around the young woman of the academy.  She was dressed in a sports jersey that sported the school’s colors: royal red with a golden trim.  Her black jogging shorts also displayed a tiny, red-and-gold coat of arms on the hem.  She untangled a black hair tie from her ponytail and l
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Lilli of the Forest: Chapter 14
Chapter 14

Through out her dreams, Lilli only saw Poppy writhing in some sort of horrific pain, the echoes of her cries pulsing through Lilli's mind.  These endless images kept her tossing and turning until she finally fell unconscious simply from exhaustion.
When her eyes finally creaked open into consciousness, a familiar yet unpleasant sight greeted them.  Blaze sat just beyond her prison bars, his feet propped up against them as his hands fumbled with some unknown busywork.  It wasn't until Lilli sat up, her head rolling between her shoulders to ease all the kinks and aches, that his gaze lifted.
"Finally awake, huh?" he remarked, "I can see that you've gained a touch of human laziness as well."  Lilli rounded her back to the redhead with a growl, tucking her knees under her chin.  "What's with the cold shoulder?  You might as well talk to me, since you're not going to have anything better to do for a long ti
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New Drawing Style - Lilli by xFlySkyHighx New Drawing Style - Lilli :iconxflyskyhighx:xFlySkyHighx 7 8 Arrietty Cosplay 2 by xFlySkyHighx Arrietty Cosplay 2 :iconxflyskyhighx:xFlySkyHighx 14 20 Arrietty Cosplay 1 by xFlySkyHighx Arrietty Cosplay 1 :iconxflyskyhighx:xFlySkyHighx 10 10
Lilli's Song Ver. 2
I live beside you silently
I'm a little lady, quite lively
And in the walls of your home
I must make a new life all my own
Though there's so much about you I don't know
It's your life I'd like as my own
Spend everyday out in the sun
Lose my fear as I freely run
Through the grass and past the trees
Beyond these walls there's another world
Where everything lives wild and free
But is there anyone out there like me?
I can't go on living this way
When darkness surrounds me everyday
I need to grow
So I have to let you know
That I'm right by your side
Fate says I may be the last of my kind
But there's still so much left to find
Spend everyday out in the sun
Lose your fear as you freely run
Through the grass and past the trees
Beyond these walls there's another world
Where everything lives wild and free
It's all waiting out there, you'll see
Underneath the summer sky
As the baby birds fly by
I want my days to pass by with you
In your deepest memory
You will always remember me
I'm a part of you
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Secret Santa Gift by xFlySkyHighx Secret Santa Gift :iconxflyskyhighx:xFlySkyHighx 62 27
Lilli of the Forest: Chapter 13
Chapter 13

Not a day went by during the past four years that Lilli didn't wonder what would happen when she finally met one of her own kind.  Countless scenarios piled up within her mind, from mindlessly tackling them to the ground to bawling with ecstasy.  But here she stood-or rather, sat-and she could experience only one, unimaginable reaction: completely silent rigidness.
Both tiny people remained still as their gaze pierced through each other.  Lilli's face remained a mask of shock, whereas the boy put on an expression of curiosity as if he couldn't make out what he was looking at.  It was he who finally broke the silence.  Carefully, he lowered his miniature lantern and stepped forward then bent down so his face was mere inches in front of Lilli's.  She flinched back automatically, though her gaze never left his face.  In the stillness, Lilli heard him give two sniffs.  All of a sudden, s
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Lilli of the Forest: Chapter 12
Chapter 12

Below the soaring trio, the world was like a scene from a picture book: beautifully depicted but small nonetheless.  But Lilli didn't have her sights set on the buildings anymore.  She leaned down next to Skye's head and pointed ahead towards a seemingly endless sea of dark green.
"Take us there, Skye!  Back to the forest!"  With an acknowledging chirp, the robin beat her wings and gained speed.  Lilli tightened her hold around the robin's stubby neck.  When the miniature girl turned to check on her friend, she found Poppy curled up in a ball just behind her.
"You okay back there?" Lilli cried.  A loud meow responded.  For the rest of the flight, the duo remained silent.  Lilli glanced below and watched as the buildings slowly slithered away.  Soon, nothing man-made appeared beneath them; only a stretch of golden grass that shimmered as the wind blew. 
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Lilli of the Forest: Chapter 11
Chapter 11
The moment Lilli woke up the next morning, she untangled the sheets of her doll-sized bed from her legs and leapt free of their hold.  Packing would not become a problem, as she would only take the items she could carry on her back.  Everything she needed got separated into two bags: one for tools and equipment, and the other for food.  After several minutes shuffling and scampering back and forth across the space, everything she needed now lay in its proper pack.  Poppy just began to wake to find Lilli's completed progress.
"See?  Not even the afternoon yet and we're ready to go," Lilli announced with a broad grin.  Poppy merely replied with a heavy yawn.  Lilli gripped her supply bag by the handle and threw it over her back, securing it tightly.  "Well, guess it's now or never, huh?"  Just as Lilli finished her sentence, Poppy's ears flew straight up into the air, then droope
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Lilli of the Forest Chapter 10
Chapter 10
School continued the following Monday morning as usual, but Ethan sat at his desk abnormally solemn.  Ever since he returned from the forest, thoughts of Lilli and everything she told him plagued his mind.  As he continued to let his mind wander, horrific visions began to fill his head.
Thousands of tiny human-like bodies lay buried under the earth.  Brown dirt carpeted over a field of red.  Among the debris, one miniature form lay tangled in threads of its long, wavy, brown hair...
Ethan smothered his eyes into his hands, but the image would not fade away.
"Ethan, are you all right?"  He looked up to find himself face-to-face with a concerned expression from the teacher, as well as several of his classmates.
"Y-yeah, sorry, just tired is all," he replied with a shrug.  Once all the attention left him, he turned away to stare out the window as his mind became preoccupied again.  A flock of bir
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Ethan Sketch by xFlySkyHighx Ethan Sketch :iconxflyskyhighx:xFlySkyHighx 8 23
Be sure to leave me plenty of constructive criticism on my writing. It is my desired future career, after all. Much love! :iconblushplz:


Undertale : Stay with me. by maricaripan Undertale : Stay with me. :iconmaricaripan:maricaripan 4,113 118 You're just a Speck! by Friendlyfoxpal You're just a Speck! :iconfriendlyfoxpal:Friendlyfoxpal 94 80 Borrowertale by Friendlyfoxpal Borrowertale :iconfriendlyfoxpal:Friendlyfoxpal 157 103 Stopping to smell the flowers by AbsoluteDream Stopping to smell the flowers :iconabsolutedream:AbsoluteDream 8,031 585 An Encounter pt.6 Comfort by SweetIntent An Encounter pt.6 Comfort :iconsweetintent:SweetIntent 178 120
Warmth in Raindrops
The pitter and pattering of rain echoed around Jasmine, not nearly deafening her so much as keeping her awake and from falling into a dangerous slumber. If she did fall asleep, she knew that she may possibly not wake up again..rain was never forgiving to the poor, small dog-girl as it would leave her susceptible to illness.
Cold and wet days never mixed well together.
Her previous human—who left her and her siblings in the box with an "Adopt Me!" sign—was kind enough to put them underneath a tree and lay a towel at the base of their box. Earlier that day, the weather had been exceptionally nice, so they needn't worry about getting sick from rain. However, no one could always predict the weather, and just as the warm air had gone…so had her siblings.
Pet adoption was always a hit-or-miss: one either got picked or they did not—it was as simple as that. Usually, humans—who were the potential adopters—would choose the ones of the litter who they
:iconnicole08196:Nicole08196 99 44
An Encounter pt.4 Family by SweetIntent An Encounter pt.4 Family :iconsweetintent:SweetIntent 164 76 An Encounter pt.5 Veils by SweetIntent An Encounter pt.5 Veils :iconsweetintent:SweetIntent 131 120 An Encounter pt.2 Descent by SweetIntent An Encounter pt.2 Descent :iconsweetintent:SweetIntent 205 183 An Encounter by SweetIntent An Encounter :iconsweetintent:SweetIntent 305 239 It's okay by Hubedihubbe It's okay :iconhubedihubbe:Hubedihubbe 10,199 732 traaaaade by Acousticalable traaaaade :iconacousticalable:Acousticalable 83 20 Fionna Hat Tutorial (The Wire Method) by MishaCosplay Fionna Hat Tutorial (The Wire Method) :iconmishacosplay:MishaCosplay 1,279 138 Nice and Cozy by Friendlyfoxpal Nice and Cozy :iconfriendlyfoxpal:Friendlyfoxpal 129 76
Writing Better Character Description
Writing Better Character Description
by Michael Bjork
We writers have a particularly tough job: bringing nonexistent people (our characters) to life in our readers’ imaginations. While it’s never easy, we usually accomplish this magic by writing each character with two qualities in mind:
1) Their personality
2) Their physical appearance
Personality is usually expressed through characterization, and appearance through physical description. Admittedly, that doesn't sound so complicated.
But there are two things I’ll suggest today: first, that description needs to do more than just craft appearance, and second, it’s good characterization, more than anything, that’s the key to conjuring vivid characters.
Character Description:
Let’s take a look at the following example.
1) When I entered Mr. Smith's office, he stood from his desk and smiled. He had a big nose, brown eyes, and short, blond hair. He wore a dark suit. I shook his hand.
:iconinkfish7:Inkfish7 3,038 588
Lie With Me by Bonka-chan Lie With Me :iconbonka-chan:Bonka-chan 899 116



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Hello, my sweet peas!

Yes, I do come back on here to check up every once in a while.  And yes, I am still writing, and I'll talk about that in a minute.  But first, there's something that's been on my mind that I want to talk about.

During my long hiatus from dA, I'm sure a lot of things have changed, people have come, people have gone, and there's a lot of different stuff going on nowadays.  And even though I'm behind the times right now, I want to reconnect with this community and the people I've met here.  This place is a very special place for me because I can talk about things and express myself in a way that I can't really do anywhere else.  So, even though I haven't been the best about staying around thus far, I want to reconnect with people and meet others in the G/t community. Huggle! 

That being said, I hope to reconnect/make new connections with you beautiful people!  Also, who are some new(er) artists that you recommend?  I'd like to check out some other people!

Okay, that's all I needed to say on that subject!  Now, about writing stuff:

Lilli of the Forest
Of course, I am working on the next chapter of Lilli, but I've been halted because my mind has been distracted by something else...

Gale Force
Remember when I wrote a one-shot story with two characters named Arianna "Ari" and Gale?  No?  Good, because it was bad, haha!

But seriously, I haven't let that story go and have started writing an outline for a full-fledged story.  So far, I have 5 chapters outlined but I know the story and ending in my head.  So you may be seeing more of those two and the story of their world soon.  Like, really soon...

And that's it for me, all!  Love your faces! Heart 


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This is where I post all the first writes of my stories, as well as a few sketches. Don't be afraid to talk to me; I love meeting new people, despite my shyness. :)

Where else you can find me:
Tumblr (personal)
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Hope you're having a lovely day!


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